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Below are some common questions relating to the bowling team specifically

  • ​Can my child compete for cash or merchandise prizes and not jeopardize their collegiate eligibility?

    • Absolutely.  Bowling at Morehead State is a club sport and not associated with the athletic department so NCAA restrictions do not apply.  To be eligible to bowl in college you cannot be a member of a professional bowling organization. ​

  • How does my child receive scholarships?

  •  Is the Morehead State Bowling Program NCAA recognized?

    • No, Morehead State Bowling is a club sport

  • Is there a minimum academic standard for my child to compete on the Morehead State Bowling Program?

    • USBC Collegiate requires a 2.0 GPA with 12 hours passed.  The Morehead State Bowling Program strives for a 2.5 or higher each semester to receive sponsorship benefits and other perks for the program​

  •  Is my child going to fit in and feel like they are part of the program?

    • The bowling program is more like a family than a team.  We work hard on and off the lanes and we help each other out in times of need. 

  • When are tryouts held?

    • Tryouts are typically held during the first few weeks of school. We are allowed to carry up to 24 Men and 24 Women. Even if we are under those numbers, tryouts are used by the coaching staff in making further team related decisions

  • How does the Morehead State Bowling Program train?

    • We have our own bowling center on campus.  We also go to the wellness center to maintain conditioning.  We also train academically by having study hall hours that the students must complete.

  • How many hours in a typical week will be devoted to team activities/training?

    • We have two team practices per week that will last about 2 ½ hours. Additional individual time may be required by the coaches. Study hall hours depend on student’s GPA.

  • What are Morehead State Bowling practices like?

    • We do team drills during our practice session.  We also work on different releases, targeting, and spare shooting.  Some practice sessions will be devoted to tournament simulation to better prepare for the upcoming events

  • How far in advance can I find out if my child has been selected to travel to an event?  Who tells me?

    • Traveling teams will be released by Wednesday before the tournament. You can ask your child if he/she is traveling. 

  • What differences can I expect to see between youth competitions and intercollegiate bowling competitions?

    • Collegiate competitions are team competitions.  Youth competitions are mostly individual competitions.  Participating in college bowling is making a contribution to a team working toward their goals and is the most rewarding experience in the sport of bowling.

  • How many class days will my child miss due to competition?

    • There will be a few days each semester that the students will miss due to competition.  The biggest one being the national championships.  We have a great reputation on campus of being great students.  The faculty will work with us on getting the work done in a timely manner.

  • At Competitions, will there be any time that I can spend with my child?

    • Yes.  After bowling, you may go out to dinner or hang out with your child until curfew.  During competition, they will be with the team.

  • How does the Morehead State Bowling program travel to competitions?

    • We travel in 15 passenger vans mostly.  We do have a few tournaments that we might take a charter bus or fly.  

  • Is there a fee or other expense that my child will have to pay? 

    • Students will be billed for tuition, housing, and meal plans. Books can be bought on their own. Only other fees would be parking $120/year and first year seminar fee of $60 for freshmen.

      Bowlers will pay an annual dues which is $500 dollars.  We also do fundraising to help offset expenses for the year.  Each player will have to do their share of fundraising to be able to participate at tournaments and practice.

Frequently Asked Questions